Stationery Requirements 2018

Books need to be covered and named.

Stationery Packs are available online from: OfficeMax My School

Please enter your child’s class teacher’s name.

Allow two weeks for orders to be processed and delivered. Follow the online prompts. You may pay by direct credit or with a credit/debit card. If you have any problems with internet access, please contact the school office for assistance. We have negotiated special pricing for your child’s stationery for quality and consistency regarding stationery throughout the school.

Your child needs to have all items to begin their school year. Some items are essential but other items you may already have on hand and those may be deleted from your online order if necessary. It is necessary to use the online Office Max lists to order your child’s correct stationery. Exercise books and other stationery are the school’s preferred brands.

Dragon Maths 5 for Year 7 students and Dragon Maths 6 for Year 8 students will only be listed and available from Office Max from 15th January 2018.

Additional Item – limited stock at the School Office or purchase from Manna Bookshop:

Yr3 – Yr8 Students NirV Bible | ISBN: 9780310727422 $50.00